Avenging Contentment: The Avengers

Marvel: The Avengers Review 

And so, the most [over] hyped, marketed and grandiose movie of this decade has finally hit the big screen. With more than three franchises leading up to the fruition of this movie, it would only be right that it is a blast. Having watched it during its premiere its premiere in Singapore theatres, I had the opportunity to experience the grand scale of the movie on the big screen.


Watching it in digital did not do the movie enough justice – I may have to go see it again, but in 3D.  I am not much of a moviegoer, and neither do I get thrilled easily when I do go to the movies. In this case, however, I went into the cinema with expectations that had been met. That euphoric experience when one is so engrossed by a visual masterpiece? That movie had me going like that. Do not get me wrong though, as much as I was exhilarated, I felt that some parts of the movie really fell short of a blockbuster.


Marvel: The Avengers is one of those movies that require only little knowledge of its prequels in order for its viewers to enjoy it to the fullest, despite it being the culmination of a few franchises. Of course, being a Marvel geek would not hurt at all. And this is coming from a casual who has only watched the motion picture series of Iron Man, Hulk and Thor.


Allow me to give you a lowdown on the story [with no spoilers]? The world is under extraterrestrial and divine threat when a source of infinite energy – known as the Tesserect – is discovered on earth. Then the story takes a leisurely pace in building up to the ensemble of heroes that we come to know as The Avengers. With that said, we only see The Avengers fully fledged about ninety minutes into the movie. That is the first problem with the movie; it was rather poorly paced, albeit laid out in a non-cheesy and realistic way.


The technical side of things: visual effects and sound were nothing short of spectacular. It was dazzling and consistent throughout. The mixing of the sounds was anything but mediocre either. The great attention the cast paid to the little details of every scene was remarkable. Want to see the Hulk sucker punch a flying leviathan out of the sky? Only seen in The Avengers.  It is obvious that visual effects grandeur was the forte of this movie.


I am also glad to applaud this movie for its non-cheesy and witty script. Too often we find the dialogue in superhero movies to be incessantly cheesy and making the movie seem dumb and deluded altogether. Though, attempting to get a ‘cheap laugh’ from the audience every five to ten minutes gets irritating after a while. There is a time for everything, really.  Nevertheless, the portrayal of the characters in the movie was as accurate as it can be and that is another plus in my book.


Unfortunately the phrase ‘saving the best for last’ didn’t apply to this movie. The last stretch of the movie felt too compartmentalized. “it will all end in an explosion, and that’s the best way to stir things up.” And so, the ending of the movie belongs in the ‘let’s-end-it-all-in-an-explosion’ category [ that’s as far as spoilers go ].                      

Ultimately, I had the feeling of satisfaction- a feeling that my $7.50 weekday movie ticket was a really big bang for my buck. Marvel fan or not, this will keep you at the edge of your seats for quite a while. 



~ by keerakun on May 14, 2012.

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