Alien-busting and Enforcement : Men in Black 3

When I last heard of Men in Black during my childhood, all that I remembered were two guys in black suits with shiny guns, shooting laser beams that disintegrated all the ‘bad guys’ which were giant cockroaches (MIB ) and some evil-looking alien lady that made life harder for these two guys (MIB 2). Well, the fact that I actually remembered it to this day without watching it again just proves how entertaining this series have been.

And so, on a fine Saturday evening, I was asked out by my aunt for a movie with the rest of the family, and despite being self-proclaimed movie critic I am, I  agreed without any sort of hesitation.


“don’t worry, you won’t remember anything about this post after we’re done”

Featuring the same duo from the previous movie, MIB 3 focuses on K’s beginnings and major milestones in the MIB-verse , albeit the way the part of K’s story was integrated into the movie was a bit abrupt and uncalled for ( but hey, that what makes the plot of a movie unique, right ?). The movie begins with a typical jail break sequence, where a pretty generic, but mighty villain named Boris who escapes from the LunarMax prison complex on the moon to seek out revenge on K. For the most parts of the movie, the old K ( present ) spends his time lamenting over certain things that J ( Will Smith ) could not comprehend, at least, until the real plot actually unfolded. This enabled Boris to spoil every confrontation by the two of them and wreak havoc.  The plot then takes a sudden twist due to K’s emotional state, leaving the whole world at stake and J’s the only man left to get things right.

The plot of the whole movie was random at best. Upon closer inspection ( you probably wouldn’t fully get it after watching it only once), one would still say that this movie makes little sense plot-wise, considering the whole premise of the movie – and actually, the previous two movies – was based on sheer happenstance that the movie has featured. But hey, chalk it up to the odds, right ?

As much as the feasibility of time-travel is doubted, this movie features time-travel as if it was a totally possible and reliable thing to do ( like a lot of movies do ) – you just have to look at the right places to find out how to do so. Though, certain time-travel concepts such as paradoxes; when one sees the future version of another one – continuity paradox – has been observed nicely . A plus on the logical side. How does one simply use a device obtained from an odd man in america to travel across different vectors of dimension at hyperspeed into another time period and ensuring one’s own safety ? Never really covered – well, that is movies for us anyway.

Plot issues aside, Tommy Lee Jones ( Present K ) and his younger self ( Josh Brolin ) had a stellar performance in the film, and really portrayed the resolute character of K consistently. Good job on his part. Will Smith, on the other hand, really seemed to be out of character as J, and did not really feel like he was really into playing the character, but that is just my personal opinion. Boris, without needing much elaboration, seems just like another intelligent, but generic villain you find in comic books or other superhero movies.

Considering it ran on a $215 Million budget, it had pretty decent effects, but not nearly as impressive as the contenders of the season; namely Prometheus or The Avengers. The ‘time jump’ effect in particular was somehow a possible and visually appealing take on device-assisted time travelling, but again, till this date, travelling through time is still a unfalsifiable hypothesis ( go figure).

Entertaining all-round, this third installment in the series is definitely an improvement over the predecessors – I shall be looking forward to more Men in Black busting a cap in them evil alien’s asses’.


~ by keerakun on July 2, 2012.

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