The Force Unleashed and Star Wars Episode IV – The Rebel Alliance and A Blow to Vader

Had the potential to be the most awesome Star Wars game of all time, but was sadly plagued with frustrating controls and mechanics. The story was canon and followed up nicely to Episode IV, though.

Just last night I finished the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on my PC on the highest difficulty [ nothing but bragging rights, but hey, more dramatic fights altogether]. It featured a canon storyline – one about the formation of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire – between Episode III and IV which the six movies did not touch on. So LucasArts took it upon themselves to make the screenplay in the form of a highly entertaining Action Star Wars game that we call The Force Unleashed. In school, we watched Star Wars Episode IV as a part of class – coincidence ? A beautiful one I must say.

Vader, in his seclusion and solitude, decided to take up an apprentice during his invasions ‘for the lulz’ – no, he utilized this in many more ways of course.

At the end of episode III: Revenge of the Sith, we see Anakin Skywalker terminally injured from his defeat at Mustafar. He was then rescued by Sith Emperor Palpatine – It was from then onwards then he donned his infamous, albeit integral to his life systems, Darth Vader armor and the iconic breathing of the bio-suit trembled throughout the galaxy. Even as a decrepit man, his force powers and lightsaber prowess was still exceptional in power and he was not to be taken lightly, ever.

As ‘badass’ and glorious as a Sith Lord as he was, I was pretty shocked to see him being reduced to a Sith Lord with mere fencing-style attacks, with nearly no or very little force power, when his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode IV came. A very far cry from the power-packed, blinding and furious lightsaber duels we have seen in Episode III. The same goes for Obi-Wan.

The cause of a crippled Vader was none other than Galen Marek.

Dual-wielding of lightsabers with awesome force powers ? He is as promising as he looks.


Source (search ‘Galen Marek’ ) + Video Game(2008): The Force Unleashed ( yes it is canon )

On the very same year (19 BBY) Anakin was anointed as The Sith Lord, Darth Vader, Galen Marek , a human inhabitant of the planet  Kashyyyk was born. He would grow to become one of the most powerful force users in the universe – an ally of the Force or its destructive nature.  Growing up orphaned, as his parents were killed in the skirmish of Kashyyk personally led by Vader,  The Sith Lord took it upon himself to have him as a secret apprentice, very much unknown to the emperor.

 He demonstrated immense potential as a Force-sensitive (category for higher-level Jedi) user, far greater than anyone could have imagined. By the age of 17, he was sent to destroy the secret enemies of the Empire, namely the remaining Jedi leaders who have survived Order 66.

He could literally ‘pull a starship destroyer out of the sky and rip it apart’ just by using his Force powers.

After successfully eradicating the targeted Jedi, he returns only to be betrayed by Vader, who in defense, impaled Galen and threw him into the void of space as it was a violation of the tradition of the Sith to have another apprentice when you are the apprentice yourself [ in this case, Vader, is in violation ]. He is then rescued by Vader’s medical droids and rebuilt anew in his science chamber. Vader explains that it was necessary for the Emperor to be clear of any suspicions on himself in order to overthrow the Empire. However, we clearly do not see this happening until Episode VI.

Galen then went around the galaxy alongside with his assigned Pilot, Juno Eclipse, drafting allies who would eventually become known as The Rebels [ against the empire]. It turned out to be just another ploy for Vader to gather the Empire’s secret enemies on one spot and crush them in a single blow. Fortunately, Vader’s ambush, in the pretext of a ‘alliance signing ceremony’, did not go as planned and they flee safely, reorganizing themselves. In the final attempt to overthrow the Emperor, Galen and his new-found allies raid the incomplete Death Star and confront the Emperor.

The boss battle wasn’t as hard as expected, in my opinion.

Vader, as much as his own plans are concerned, fought his very own apprentice in an intense Lightsaber duel. The power difference was very noticeable, as the man who was once Anakin Skywalker was beaten up into shambles with relative ease by Galen. Being emotionally unstable, he was not able to proceed to kill Vader, and was interrupted by the Emperor instead. Looks can be deceiving, and that applied very well to the Emperor (Darth Sidious). Galen had a tough time levelling the Emperor’s Force powers  – even as a seemingly frail old man, he could easily fend off Galen’s attacks. Eventually, Galen beat the almighty Sith Lord and was stuck between the decision of killing him or not. The latter would only have him give in to his anger and make him the killer he once was.

The Emperor quickly mustered up his remaining strength and electrocuted one of Galen’s allies- he quickly interrupted the energy channelling and was locked into a force duel with the Emperor. In a final blow, he gathered his remaining force power in a devastating blow that devastated the area; allowing the Rebels to flee. Vader and the Emperor glance over the young man’s dead body and lamented their loss.

In memory of their fallen leader, Galen, the Rebellion was formed officially, with Leia Organa as one its members.

It all makes sense now when you watch the rest of the Episodes.

And that, Ladies and gentlemen, is the power of video games in covering the lesser, and more action-packed parts of the universe !


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